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The Entrepreneurs Path to Financial Freedom

Turn business income into wealth that brings personal financial freedom.


Retire from your business while paying less taxes


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Retire from your business while paying less taxes


Retirement from my business is administered by LifestyleCPA a division of Financial Keepers, LLC.

Our mission is to help others achieve their dreams, vision and goals in the most cost effective and productive way. The goal of most entrepreneurs is to be financially free and LifestyleCPA shows entrepreneurs how to do just that.


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LifestyleCPA is best at helping U. S based small business owners attain financial freedom by maximizing business profitability.


Do you look at your business as an asset class or a job?

If you are going to retire from your business then the way you look at your business must also change. An asset creates the potential to create future revenue while a job does not!

 You attain financial freedom from your business, when your business gets to the points where it has enough assets that generates enough income.

For this to happen, your business should have developed to the point where it has enough assets encapsulated by systems that consistently churn out income. I explain this further in the video below:

To effectively plan you must begin with the end in mind. You can take more time in the beginning to test the strength of your idea, or you could just implement any idea that comes your way hoping it will support your retirement.

“The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty”

Proverbs 21:5

Want more reasons to start with your end plan strategy, check out the case study: CaseStudy-Final

You are the sum total of your belief system. Your belief system drives what you do and who you become.

You do what you do because of who you are.
You are who you are because you belief
Ultimately, you can only do if you are
First you must become before you do.
To become you must first belief

“As a man thinketh in his heart so he is”. Solomon in Proverbs 4, warns us to guard our heart for out of it flows the issue of life. If you let garbage into your heart, don’t expect anything different out of life.

Dare to be different!


Evelyn – Ivy Founder

Your business is your biggest asset but yet your most illiquid asset. How would you like to implement the right systems to make sure you can RETIRE FROM YOUR BUSINESS paying the MINIMUM TAXES when you are ready?

Download This Pdf And Accompanying Workbook To Find Out How.

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